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Business today is full of uncertainties. Connecting with customers shouldn't be one of them.

Communicating your message in a unique and compelling fashion is our expertise. Through investigation, discovery, and consumer insight, we gain the knowledge to do what we do best—create strategic design that will move your business forward with certainty.

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ULIVjava Martha Stewart Ground Coffee Packaging

What happens when Martha Stewart’s personal trainer and nutritionist collaborate to create the perfect coffee? ULIVjava by Martha Stewart is born. We were approached to create unique packaging and branding for their revitalizing ground and iced coffees. The result is a design as compelling as coffee enhanced with herbs, botanicals and vitamins.

our approach

the creative process

Working with you, we create strategic design and communication solutions through the development of a Brand Essence Document. This document serves as our blueprint—providing the proper input and direction required to achieve the project's goals.

The Brand Essence Document includes the following steps...


We take a multi-tiered approach to your brand by creating key words that describe your company’s mission, tone, and values. We then organize these words from the core values to the secondary and tertiary levels of relevance. All following aspects of the creative process should align with the word wheel.


In this step we begin defining your consumer. What kind of car do they drive? What kind of phone do they have? Where do they buy groceries? What do they wear? We create a visual representation of four companies outside your category that you feel successfully communicate to your consumers.


If your company has an established brand and history, we create a snapshot of where your company stands now—to serve as a comparison to where you are going. This is an essential step for any company going through a “rebrand”. To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been.


This is a grid of images that visually represent the desired mood and visual tone for your brand. The mood created in this board must accurately reflect the feeling that is conveyed through all aspects of your brand—visual and otherwise. All designs created are held up to the mood board.


Being creative, we are inspired by everything around us. This board is a collection of existing design that fit the desired style of your brand aesthetic. This is the culmination of the prior steps to define the style—clean and contemporary, fun and whimsical, traditional and classic.

When this document is complete it will serve as a blueprint to your brand. Any and all aspects of your brand including logo, packaging, website, collateral, business card (even work environment) should fit when held up to the Brand Essence Document.

our work

what we've accomplished... so far.

There is no "one solution" or formula to solving a marketing problem. That's why we have become experts in a wide range of communication tools.



What is branding? It’s not just a buzz word. Branding is a group of associations consumers make with your company. Simply put, It’s a shortcut to trust. And trust is earned through consistency. When done well, branding is the way of clearly defining what makes you different—and better—than your competitor. It is the most powerful way to make a connection with people. Click below to see some examples of how we’ve helped our clients connect with their clients.




If you’re selling a product, packaging is the single most important aspect of your brand. It is the first impression you give your consumer—and it has to be a good one. Great package design must be eye-catching, memorable and clear, no matter the style or tone. In a store, you only have a split second to communicate what makes your product unique. But, great packaging continues to sell after the purchase. Click below to see some examples of how we’ve helped our clients make a great first impression.




Whether you sell a product or service your website is the first place your customer will go to learn about you. It is often the only chance you get to make a great impression. Your website must be “usable”. It has to communicate who you are, what you do and who you’re marketing to immediately. Beyond aesthetics, your site needs to create a unique user experience by effectively guiding them through the site and offering them new, engaging and informative content at every turn. Click below to see examples of how we helped our clients establish a compelling web presence.





It all starts here. So, what makes a great logo? It should be unique—stand out in the sea of swooshes and arrows. It should be understood—accurately communicate who you are. It should be simple—work across multiple platforms. It should be appropriate—reflect your character and values. And it should be timeless. Click below to see examples of distinctive marks we’ve created for our clients.




Beyond your logo, pacakaging and website, your brand will demand numerous and sundry projects that are hard to categorize— but definitely worth seeing. We could have called this section “design”. But “more” sounded better. Click below to see how much more we can do for you.


...out of context

Here are some thoughts we found from clients after cleaning out years of email. We realize this could be viewed as slightly narcissistic. But then again, a little narcissism can be good—and great for our self esteem.

Thanks to all who contributed to this list. You know who you are.



I am very impressed! These designs are fantastic! I'm very happy with the results and I really
appreciate you giving us many options to choose from. Great job!

We got the same exact adrenaline rush as we did the first round 1 but feel the newer revision is
even better than the original!

Wow, those all look great! Thank you for such for an expedited effort, I really appreciate it! I
certainly understand why Eric speak so highly of you guys! I am stoke to go to BevNet now.

Amazing, amazing and ever more AMAZING!!! Glad we just spoke and I got to tell you that too!
So excited!!

Amazing!! Every one of our 50+ broker reps LOVED it today when we presented it at their
national sales meeting! Thanks for helping pull all this off so quickly!

What an amazing family shot!!! WOW, YOU DID GREAT ONCE AGAIN!

You rock! Love it partner!

Love u brother!!!!!!

THANK YOU!..... You saved the day!

Looks great!! You guys are amazing!

element 18 has got mad skills... we're gonna rock it! Unbelievable!!!

Overall our new site looks FREAKIN AWESOME!


AMAZING! Thanks. They look delish!

Awesome SHIT, man!! Man, you guys do great work.


My mom says I was babbling today. Please pardon me. It's only my excitement!
Thank you for your expertise.


WOW! This is amazing! Great job! The look and feel of the brand is so imapctful and will get lots
of people to turn their heads. Thanks for carrying the brand vision over to the website. What
you've done has made the site so inviting. Bravo!!!

That is amazing!!!! Exactly what I was looking for and wanting!

Btw, your design got rave reviews at the sales meeting we had yesterday!
Really does look amazing!

...and just as to work with :-)

I know I've told you this 100 times, but holy crap, you are unbelievable!!!
You never cease to amaze me!

You always rock! I remain in awe! To many more great projects together!

That's it. Nice work!

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Responsive Web Design is a relatively new approach aimed at providing an optimal website viewing experience. It automatically reformats your site based on the size and orientation of your device. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, Responsive Web Design allows the user to easily navigate, view and read your website with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.


Our website is responsive. Check it out on all your devices to see RWD in action!

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